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5 Hottest Tech Job Titles you need to Know!

Let’s be real: you know you’re a hot commodity and in high demand. The tech world is your oyster with a big fat pearl sitting out in the open, waiting for you to grab it. But today’s startups are also looking for some pretty specific candidates with particular skillsets. Want the inside scoop on the way the tech market is trending? Here are the 5 TOP tech job titles of today’s tech and startup scene.

  1. DevOps Engineer

DevOps is by far the hottest trend today.  A strong DevOps engineer offers a combination of System Administration and development/architecting/software engineering that allows a unique perspective on how best to bridge the gap between the hardcore devs and the skilled ops people. If you’re looking to step into one of these roles, you can do so from either a SysAdmin background OR a development background. How to break into the market: Brush up on your scripting skills (Bash, Perl, Shell, etc), learn how to utilize the continuous integration (TravisCI, Buildbot, Jenkins, etc), deployment (Ansible, RPM, SaltStack, etc), and packaging tools (Docker, Quay, OpenBSD, etc).

DevOps and Back End Engineer at B2B Retail Startup

  1. Front End Developer

Having a strong web presence is vital to the public perception of a company. It draws in new clients, and also keep the current clients feeling confident in a business’s abilities. To that end this role is truly a pivotal piece of the puzzle. Your key to being a successful Front End Dev in this competitive market is your ability to implement architecture, and also being an engineer who knows the modern web, API’s, frameworks and enhancements. How to break into the market: Show that you’re Javascript junkie who stays on the bleeding edge of new tech (React, Angular, etc), with HTML5 and CSS as the icing on your cake.

Front End Dev (AngularJS) @NYC Startup

  1. Full Stack Engineer

This role is for those who possess killer front- & back-end skills. You see the forest AND the trees, having a clear view of what it will take to get things done successfully. A Full Stack Engineer is an integral part of the team, designing, documenting, and building REST API’s; are familiar with modern frameworks, databases, & tooling; and are dedicated to ensuring end-users are receiving the best web experience possible. How to break into the market: the more you know the more marketable you are, so pick your stack (MEAN, LAMP) but also brush up on those newer languages (Ruby on Rails, Golang, Scala), frameworks (AngularJS, EmberJS), databases (MongoDB, MySQL, NoSQL), runtime environments (NodeJS), and libraries (jQuery, ReactJS, Bootstrap).

Sr Full Stack Engineer @ 3D Innovator

  1. Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer you typically focus on specific layers of architecture. What you work on will vary from company to company and can be determined not only by the size of the team but also by the application or service they are providing. How to break into the market: know your strengths and make sure you’ve got them clearly defined on your resume. Cross-reference your strengths with the job requirements and align your resume with the needs of the role to give yourself that competitive edge.

Software Engineer role at Next Level CRM Startup

  1. iOS Developer

You didn’t think I’d forget this did you? In what can be considered the golden age of apps, being a strong iOS developer can be your ticket to a long and successful career. How to break into the market: Most companies want you to have 3 years experience working with iOS, so even if you haven’t been working at a company you can highlight any apps that you have built on your resume. Technologies needed: C, C++, Objective-C, and Swift.

Lead iOS Dev – $70M Startup

One last tip: no matter which direction you are wanting to go it is imperative that you have a technical repository set up on GitHub or similar so as to best showcase your skills. It isn’t enough to tell a prospective employer that you have the ability to pick up new skills quickly – you need to show them that you are actively working to acquire these skills in order to keep yourself relevant. This is especially important if you are looking to go in a completely new direction, so take the initiative and get set up today!

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