Our biggest secret sauce is our team!

* Nineteen heads are better than one! We believe the more heads we have working to solve your staffing problems, the better the solutions. Each role and each candidate have at least 3 people working on them together, so that nobody falls through the cracks, all roles get full coverage, and no potential perfect match is missed.

* Hate recruiters? So do we. While so many recruiters have more of a sales-y approach, ours is consultative and service minded. We’re not about pushing you into a certain role, but about working with you to help you find your perfect opportunity, whether the right time is now or over a year from now – and whether it is through us or not.

* Experience matters! Our Founder has 15 years of corporate recruiting experience, 6+ years running this agency, and a tech background. Our Tech Recruiters are incentivized by the quality of work they’re doing, not just the end result.

Tatiana Becker, Founder


I built NIAH as I saw a need for a high-output recruiting firm that hit the bullseye on the target, rather than throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, as many firms do. This idea was built from two things I saw in my time at Microsoft, AppNexus, and Etsy:

1. Internally, we were dealing with an extremely high volume of applicants. In order to get through all of them, I had to become extremely efficient at triaging, screening, and deciding which candidates to send onto the teams.
2. External recruiters often took more of my time than they saved, by sending many candidates that did not fit the criteria we set.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve dedicated myself to building and refining a system that leverages our *entire team* to find the right candidates for roles, and the right roles for candidates. I take a look at every single candidate with whom we work, leveraging my 14 years of recruiting experience to match them with a select few of our 500+ roles.

We believe in a high-touch, white-glove approach.

Email: tatiana@niahrecruiting.com
Phone: 206-234-9145

Adrienne Jess, Lead Technical Recruiter


Adrienne has a background in management and leadership spanning a variety of industries. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping people is what drew her to recruiting. She focuses on digging into a candidate’s “Why” in order to best align them with their ideal role and team.

When she’s not hanging out with her husband, kids, and dog, she’s teaching horseback riding lessons to a handful of select clients. Adrienne is also a health and wellness enthusiast and dabbles in interior design.

Email: adrienne@niahrecruiting.com

Kim Monmonier, Lead Sourcer – Process Management


Kim is an energetic, compassionate Talent Acquisition leader with over 14 years of experience identifying and developing high achieving talent communities. She is a driver, relationship builder, and a sourcing ninja. Kim’s genuine passion for understanding the person behind the professional is what enables her to identify exceptional “fits” for all parties involved.

Born and raised in Maryland, Kim moved to Hilton Head, South Carolina in 2006 with her husband Joe. She has two amazing daughters, Ava and Caroline… and a wildly mischievous chocolate lab they call Bronco.

In her free time, Kim can be found on the beach catching up on the latest top selling book or dining with her best girls.

Email: kim@niahrecruiting.com

Sharon Reid, Lead Sourcer – People Management


Sharon is a passionate Sourcer who loves to research and find unique and innovative ways to identify and engage talent, as well as build relationships. Many jokingly refer to Sharon as a “sourcerer” or “sourcing ninja”. She’s had the pleasure of training recruiting teams within start-ups, mid-sized, and large companies on effective sourcing techniques through various methods, including social media sourcing. Nine years’ experience as a career coach combined with her six years as a Sourcer has allowed her not only to gain perspective from a job seeker’s point of view but as well as gain an insider’s perspective from the employer’s point of view; thus, allowing her to truly be a matchmaker for jobseeker and employer.

Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, Sharon currently lives in Tampa, Florida. She enjoys cooking, playing volleyball, spending time with family, and learning anything there is to learn about math.

Email: sharon@niahrecruiting.com

Adam Sablay, Sourcer


Adam has over 5 years of recruitment experience and has supported numerous clients globally from different industries including Information Technology, Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Utility and Manufacturing. Holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and adept with full cycle recruitment. Currently focused on sourcing and passionate about finding great people great opportunities by building brilliant relationships and working in partnership with clients and candidates alike.

In his free time, he can usually be seen playing mobile or console games. Interested with books and movies about adventure, science fiction and mystery.

Email: adam@niahrecruiting.com

Mikey Weil, Sourcer

Mikey has been a Sourcer for over six years. He has worked in many different industries including banking, healthcare, and food manufacturing. He enjoys networking with others, running analytics, and finding contact information. He is a three-time SourceCon attendee and has written articles for their website. He hopes to one day be a speaker at the conference.

Originally from New Hampshire, Mikey went to college on the North Shore in Massachusetts and lived by the ocean. He now lives in Colorado, the most landlocked state, with his wife, two dogs, and a Guinea pig. In his free time he enjoys playing music, making movies, and performing stand-up comedy.

Email: mikey@niahrecruiting.com

Ela Kaimo, Recruiter


Ela has been in recruitment for 6 years. She graduated with a degree in Behavioral Science. She has recruited professionals in several fields, but has a special interest in tech/IT hiring, such as business intelligence and project management. Her passion for the job boils down to making sure that both candidates and clients are happy with the selection process, from first touch to onboarding and beyond.

In her spare time, she writes, plays video games, and cuddles with her two cats, Pawcard and Quill.

Email: ela@niahrecruiting.com

Nel Artista, Recruiter


Nel is a recruiting professional with over 6 years of experience in talent acquisition. He has spent his career primarily targeting talent within the technology, engineering, cybersecurity and business solutions disciplines. Earlier in his career, he worked as an Operations Team Lead for one of the biggest BPO companies in the world giving him great exposure to people and performance management.

During his free time, you would normally see him hanging out with his family. He is also passionate about photography and the visual arts. Nel is a huge Harry Potter fan and has reread all the books and rewatched all the movies at least 10 times.

Email: nel@niahrecruiting.com

Adolfo Ramirez, Sr. Recruiter


Adolfo is a Senior Recruiter with 9 years of experience. He has been responsible for the recruitment of a variety of roles, mostly in Technology. As a recruiter, he is an advocate for candidate experience, and he firmly believes his mission is not only to find the best technical fit but to help candidates find a job that will help them thrive and grow towards their best self. He enjoys connecting with people, learning new things, and challenging himself to be better every day — my specialties: Recruiting, writing, and helping people realize what they want.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing Basketball, reading, watching Tech Youtube videos and playing with his dog, Rufus.

Email: adolfo@niahrecruiting.com

Praveen Raghav, Director, India Operations


Highly Technical Recruitment Professional with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Master’s Degree in Business Administration and over 10 years of experience in full cycle recruiting for a wide variety of industries including Information Technology, Financial Services, Life Sciences and Telecommunications. Experience recruiting top talent from startups to acquisitions to large sized companies. Passionate about connecting talent with amazing opportunities that challenge them. Enjoy motivating and encouraging others to exceed and excel in their positions by offering knowledge and support.

Email: praveen@niahrecruiting.com