Tatiana Becker, Founder


Need some help with tech recruiting? Let’s talk! I have a track record for great placements in the NY Startups I’ve worked in for the past 7 years, the who’s who of some of the best and the pickiest.

I always have the most fun doing things I find the most challenging. (Which is why I enjoy obstacle course racing.) Though I started my career on the tech side (writing C# test code for the original TabletPC), I found that the human side an even bigger challenge. People are every company’s main asset, and finding the best people and helping them perform at their best is a fascinating life challenge for me.

I’ve also equally as fascinated with entrepreneurship, running lemonade stands every summer in elementary school, selling friendship bracelets on the playground, leading my Girl Scout troop in cookie sales, and finally opening two of the most famous coffee shops in Seattle from the ground up.

Email: tatiana@niahrecruiting.com
Phone: 206-234-9145

Adrienne Jess, Technical Recruiter


Adrienne has background in management, from running horse farms to retail stores to fast paced offices, and a passion for helping people, that drew her to recruiting. She is laser focused on aligning candidates with just the right roles and companies, to ensure long term satisfaction for all parties involved.

In her free time, Adrienne enjoys teaching horseback riding lessons and training horses for the hunter/jumper field of competition. She is also dedicated to health and wellness and enjoys helping people lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Email: adrienne@niahrecruiting.com

Barton Noga, Technical Recruiter


Barton has a passion for technology and people. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese and Political Science, and from Fordham University Graduate School of Business with an MBA in Finance and Media/Communications. He has traveled throughout the world including Asia and Europe. He has worked extensively in NYC in law, finance, technology, and project management. Consequently, he brings a wide range of experiences within different industries to help companies find the candidates that best fit their needs.

He currently resides in Columbus, OH, and is assisting various tech start ups as well. He enjoys golf, soccer, and baseball.

Email: barton@niahrecruiting.com

Kaytee Ferguson, Technical Recruiter


Kaytee Ferguson has a background as a Corporate Recruiter, responsible for full cycle recruitment, identifying talent, building relationships and creating connections with candidates and potential candidates. She utilizes in person networking, connecting through social media, and various job posting websites.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and History and a Masters of Arts in Public Administration. She is a life-long learner, a spokesperson of positivity, and a lover of life and people. For fun, she likes to travel, try new restaurants, cook, read, exercise, and watch movies.

She currently reside between the Palms Springs and Cerritos area of Southern California, with her husband Brian and adorable Yorkie, Brody. I consider myself a life-long learner, a spokesperson of positivity and lover of life and people. On my spare time I enjoy traveling, trying new restaurants, cooking, reading, exercising and watching movies.

Email: kaytee@niahrecruiting.com

Krunal Pipwala, Sourcer


Krunal brings 7 years of experience as a talent acquisition professional and dynamic web application developer. Before joining NIAH in January 2014, Krunal advised a number of start-ups in the banking, pharmaceuticals, and media sectors, as well as a few Fortune 500 companies. His unique skill set that includes web development uniquely positions him to find some of the strongest developers out there, including very passive job seekers.

We can connect you with a job in a variety of fields, including but not limited to: