Job seeker making connections at NYC tech event

Best NYC Tech Events for Job Seekers

When it comes to looking for a new job, networking at NYC tech events is one of the best strategies for putting yourself out there, getting your resume seen and making connections that can provide valuable intros and info. Here are the best events for making new connections and meeting hiring managers face-to-face – I’ve been to all of them multiple times. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact me!

Uncubed job fair
Coming back in Fall 2017

I went three times, representing AppNexus, Etsy, and AHALife. I found that the “who’s who” of NY Tech was always there, from up-and-coming startups, to unicorns, to even public companies. This NYC tech event is fun and lively, with free drinks and snack samples, a speaker series, and upbeat music. You’ll likely feel out of place in a suit, as most of the representatives are in button-ups and jeans or slacks. I’d recommend going in similar.

NY Tech Day

A similar “who’s who” to the Uncubed job fair, and an NYC tech event largely targeted at the everyman. Startups showcase themselves to get their names out there, but a larger percentage of the booths have a lonely recruiter present, hoping job seekers will give them a resume. When I did NY Tech Day for Etsy, I believe I got three resumes a day. What this meant was that each job seeker got my unfettered attention for probably ten times longer than they would have at a job fair.

There are meetups for just about everything, from learning a foreign language to meeting other people that share your breed of dog. On the NYC tech event front, almost every technology and coding language is represented. Most events have a recruiter present. You can bet that if Company X hosts a Python meetup in their space, they will want to get the name of every strong Python dev in the room.

CoWorking Spaces

There are 32 WeWork offices in NYC including the very first one ever. I’m a fan of Alley NYC as that’s where I used to rent desk space. A new and innovative one is Spacious, which will let you sit in what would be a vacant restaurant rather than an elbow-to-elbow coffee shop. While none of these are an event per se, working among like-minded individuals will help you build a network than can ultimately land you a job.

Alley Watch

They’ve done a pretty good of creating and maintaining an events calendar with all tech meetups and startup events.

Wait, that’s a website, not an event! That’s right, but it is a place you can hang out online. Post your repository there, and put a link on your resume, for instant street cred as someone who loves to code so much they do it in their spare time.

If you have any questions about any of these events or if you see a position you are interested posted on our website, please contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you and good luck out there!