• How much do your services cost?

    Our services are free for job seekers. We offer several different packages for employers:

    • A “Virtual Recruiter” package for $1200 a week that buys you a team: An HR Director, a Technical Recruiter, and Technical Sourcer, dedicated to your roles. We can handle not only outbound, but can manage your job portal (and help you build one if you don’t have one), screen in-bound applicants, and even schedule into your calendar.
    • A contingency package is available this month only at an introductory price of 15% of the candidate’s base annual salary (huge discount off regular 25.2% rate), with 1/3 due at start, 1/3 due upon presentation of 3 matching candidates, and 1/3 after candidate acceptance.
    • In certain cases, company stock options may be used as partial payment.
  • Where do you find candidates?

    We have a strong network of over 25,000 candidates, which we cultivate on an ongoing basis. We are also constantly engaging new candidates, both passive and active, through online and offline means.

  • Why not just look for a job on my own?

    Job searching is time consuming. We will be continuously keeping our eyes out for good opportunities for you, and making sure the process is moving forward smoothly so nothing is left to chance.

  • There are many agencies out there. Why yours?

    We are techies serving techies. The founder’s unique background as a developer, combined with her in-house experience at some of NY’s top startups, gives her a unique perspective on what the most selective companies seek in their staff.