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Looking to hire the best devs to join your team? We can help!

What we do :


  1. Our sourcing team begins an ongoing campaign to create “hot lists”, folders full of resumes that we feel are the absolute top targets for the role.
  2. With a polite persistence, one of our recruiters makes 7 attempts over a three-week period to reach each of these candidates, through email and phone calls.
  3. Another recruiter will speak with the candidate regarding the role, and learn as much as we can about the candidate, including background, motivation for searching for a new role, and other activity.
  4. Our founder will send over only the most relevant candidates for your role, and will then work directly with the candidate (as well as you) through their first day on the job.

Our pricing model:

We offer several different packages for employers:

  • 1) Retained: 15% of base annual salary. 1/3 of the fee due up front.
  • 2) Exclusive: 20% of base annual salary. We would be the exclusive recruiter on this opening.
  • 3) Contingent: 25.2% of base annual salary – no restrictions on this option.
  • In certain cases, company stock options may be used as partial payment.

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