Looking to hire the best devs to join your team? We can help!

What we do :

First, our sourcing team creates a “hot list”, a folder full of resumes that we feel are the absolute top targets for the role. Then, with a polite persistence, the recruiting team makes 7 attempts over a three-week period to reach each of these candidates, through email and phone calls. We will work with your company to create a process that makes the recruiting process easier, not more complicated, for you. We believe in partnering closely with you from candidate submission to close and onboarding. Our ask of our clients is two-fold: (a) that they be brutally direct with us with feedback on resumes and interviews, so that we can consistently fine tune our process to better  target candidates, and (b) that they follow up with us within 48 hours at each step of the process, as these top candidates are hot on the market.

Close-up of business partners making pile of hands at meeting