Some recruiting professionals approach their job like an art. “Making a placement,” or finding the right position for a candidate is extremely rewarding. While each placement happens in its own unique way, Fathey’s story proves that applying “tried and true” strategies produces positive results. NIAH is lucky to have this passionate recruiter on staff.

Here’s the story of how Fathey helped a food delivery startup find the perfect fit for a CTO position.

Being persistent with the candidate.

Our sourcing team found Nathan* (name changed for privacy) back in February. We sent him five emails. Ten days after the last one, he applied through our website. People are busy and emails get missed. We find we get better responses on the third, fourth, sometimes even seventh email. Candidates recognize our names and realize they are truly special – we really do have a strong opportunity for them!

Being persistent with the client.

Originally, our client made an offer to another candidate, but he turned it down unexpectedly. We were of course really disappointed by this after months of hard work, but we couldn’t let that slow us down. If anything, the hire was more urgent for the company and we had to double down on finding another, similar candidate.

Being a partner to the client.

After the candidate declined, we sat down with the client and do a postmortem. We identified a few causes of the loss: a long process, a salary that did not meet the candidate’s expectations, and most importantly, that he was not sold on the role and the company. They were able to greatly speed up the process, and we were able to target candidates closer to their salary range. Finally, we were able to learn about their future plans for the site – that included adding more modern technologies to the stack – to help show candidates what was so cool and challenging about this opportunity.

Being a partner to the candidate.

We always start each relationship letting a candidate know we will always be open and transparent with them and that we will give them updates as soon as we get them —  even if it’s not the news they want to hear. We just ask for the same in return – to keep us posted. We set up an onsite interview for Nathan for Thursday. On Monday he called to tell us he had a Wednesday deadline from another company. We contacted the client to let them know this was an urgent situation, and the interview was moved to Tuesday. They sent their offer Tuesday night, and the paperwork was signed Wednesday!

Being Passionate.

We knew this opportunity was a perfect fit. Nathan wanted something close to home, in a startup environment, where he could work with modern technologies. By staying focused on both his needs and the client’s, Fathey was able to turn this situation into a win for everyone.

Being a good contact.

If you want to work with Fathey on finding the perfect job for you, drop him an email at You can also connect with him on LinkedIn at He looks forward to hearing from you!