IncentFit is a great corporate wellness solution for startups and small businesses. Our favorite part is that they have a free offering if you have less than 50 employees! They have tailored corporate wellness programs for both small and large businesses, and include a branded iPhone / Android app and web portal for all clients. IncentFit’s wellness experts know how to get employees moving. If you’re looking to get started with some simple changes before you decide on a wellness program, IncentFit has some easy recommendations below.

Fitness Trackers

Simply the act of tracking your fitness can have a huge impact on fitness. If you’ve got a tight budget, consider encouraging your employees to use Apple Health and Google Fit, which are free and pre-installed on iOS and Android. To learn more about the best way to invest in fitness trackers, check out IncentFit’s article on buying fitness trackers in bulk.

Office Leagues

If your office is big enough, get employees active by joining a sports league. Not only will it get them up and about, but it will also foster inter-department relationships and help company communication. If your company isn’t big enough, ask another local business to join together in a team. You can also work with companies that coordinate office leagues, such as Zog Sports.

Step and Stair Challenges

Post up a note by the elevator saying to take the stairs. If that doesn’t work then make it a competition. Put a sheet at the top of the stairs with people’s names on it and have them check off how many times they do. The winner gets a free trip to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building at 2,722 feet, where they certainly will want to take the elevator! If you want to take it to the next level, you can use a challenges platform. This will allow employees to connect their favorite fitness tracker, and for admins to leverage free marketing materials to get the most out of the program.

Office Gymnastics

No, we’re not talking about putting a set of parallel bars in your foyer! Swap out your meeting room chairs for gymnastics balance balls. Developing good balance is an integral party of core and strength training, and a balance ball is a favorite choice for this among pilates and yoga instructors. You can also encourage others without the need to go outside: put a Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect games in the break room. Only buy active games like tennis and Zumba, and make exercise a regular part of office breaks.

Walking Meetings

This can be great fun, as long as everyone is ready for it. Plan your route beforehand, and try it out once a week. You’ll burn calories while getting work done. This is especially useful for helping shorten meeting times: When everyone is alert and engaged, your meetings will be more productive.

Flu Shots

If an employee is ill with the flu you’ve lost them for several days at least. A timely flu shot goes a long way, and you can even incentivize it by reimbursing. Have employees submit their receipts and add the amount back as income. Many of IncentFit’s clients have used receipt reimbursement as an easy way to incentivize healthy behavior, while ensuring a return on the company’s investment.

Healthy Office Snacks

Wellness often starts in the break room: ditch the sodas and candy bars in favor of juices and fruit. Consider offering these snack choices for free for a limited time if you normally charge for snacks. Ask employees what types of healthy snacks they’d like to see in order to get the most of the program. Even if it’s only for a short time, what’s important is to help your employees break the sugar cycle.

Standing Desks

Employees who are used to sitting while working may find it hard to be active outside of work, and are often the hardest to motivate if you’re working to incentivize fitness. One option that gets them on their feet is to offer them the choice of a standing desk. There are lots of options to choose from, but an easy hack is to use the Lack coffee table from IKEA. Just stand it on a regular desk for a DIY standing desk! The best part is it’s only $9.99. Finally, make sure to combine any standing desk with an Anti-fatigue Floor Mat which will help alleviate any initial discomfort.

Whatever incentive you use to promote fitness for your employees, it should always fit your company culture. This is your chance to give employees what they want from wellness. Be flexible, ask for feedback, and above all, get active!

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