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Startup Resources We ❤: Justworks

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some pretty killer companies over the years. In this blog series, we feature three businesses that have a lot of amazing things happening  and who are game-changers in their field. We think that what they are doing is pretty awesome for entrepreneurs, startups and our communities.

Our first post in the Startup Resources We ❤ series , features a very cool company called Justworks.


Justworks is payroll automation solution for businesses. Running a startup has a lot of inspiring moments. You’re growing an idea and building a team that will help make an impact. But the process can come with headaches. Paperwork, tax filings, payroll — these tasks are crucial when hiring and managing a team. They’re also time consuming, confusing, and often managed through clunky software.

Justworks CEO Isaac Oates felt the same pains:

“I founded Adtuitive and led HR and payments teams at Etsy, where I recognized the system was broken. I was frustrated by paperwork, exorbitant costs, and endless hours spent on administration. I saw the need for an easy, fast, one-stop platform. So I started Justworks.”

The platform helps you:

  •     Automate payroll
  •     Offer competitive (and affordable) benefits
  •     Stay compliant
  •     Keep on top of HR-related admin

Automating payroll: Justworks automates payroll for full-time and part-time employees, contractors, and vendors.

Offer competitive (and affordable) benefits: Justworks partners directly with benefit providers on customers’ behalf. Doing so increases Justworks buying power, getting you access to high-quality benefits at better rates.

Stay compliant: Justworks manages compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

Keep on top of HR-related admin: The platform’s tools help you manage time off, keep track of employee info, and safely store your documents.

Using Justworks has helped startups like Casper, Trello, Reboot, and TodayTix focus on the good stuff: their teams.

Casper Co-founder Neil Parikh has spoken on the ease of onboarding new employees with Justworks: “Whenever we hire someone we just introduce them to the Justworks team and they take care of everything, thankfully for us, it’s pretty much as simple as writing one email.”

If you’re interested in learning more, give the Justworks team a ring at (888) 534-1711 or email them at support@justworks.com.

Justworks employees