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Inside Look into Running a Tech Recruiting Firm

An Interview with Tatiana Becker, Founder NIAH Recruiting. 1) How did you get started with tech recruiting? After being laid off from my job as Director of HR at a startup, I reached out to my network of development leaders that were CTOs and VPs of Engineering around NYC. I started servicing a few clients, [...]

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Top 5 Resources for Finding a Job in Tech

If you’re in any position within the computer science category, then you shouldn’t have to worry about job security for at least the next 12 years. You’re in high demand! We’ve developed a short list of our top 5 resources for finding a job in tech. You can always visit our website for the hottest job [...]

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Recruiter Roundup – Fathey Abdullah, Recruiter at NIAH Recruiting

Some recruiting professionals approach their job like an art. “Making a placement,” or finding the right position for a candidate is extremely rewarding. While each placement happens in its own unique way, Fathey’s story proves that applying “tried and true” strategies produces positive results. NIAH is lucky to have this passionate recruiter on staff. Here’s [...]

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Tech Market Industry Update

From a recruiter's perspective, the tech market in the first half of 2016 has been markedly different than it was last year. Last year, many employers were prepared to hire the first person they met that demonstrated prowess in all of the job requirements, and had a personality that matched the office culture. This year, [...]

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