Avada & Associates legal team announce deal to open up oil & gas

Recruiter Roundup – Fathey Abdullah, Recruiter at NIAH Recruiting

Some recruiting professionals approach their job like an art. “Making a placement,” or finding the right position for a candidate is extremely rewarding. While each placement happens in its own unique way, Fathey’s story proves that applying “tried and true” strategies produces positive results. NIAH is lucky to have this passionate recruiter on staff. Here’s [...]

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5 Hottest Tech Job Titles you need to Know!

Let’s be real: you know you’re a hot commodity and in high demand. The tech world is your oyster with a big fat pearl sitting out in the open, waiting for you to grab it. But today’s startups are also looking for some pretty specific candidates with particular skillsets. Want the inside scoop on the [...]

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