The tech market is evolving at a rapid pace – especially in NYC, which lags only behind the Bay Area in producing unicorns. We’re here to help you find the right tech recruiter in New York City to help you land your dream job.

In the recent past, employers were prepared to hire the first person they met that demonstrated prowess in all of the job requirements, and had a personality that matched the office culture; now, employers have more often been holding out for the perfect person.

The tech market is super hot in New York City despite the layoffs in adtech. Finance roles are usually the highest paying in terms of base and bonus, but startups have the upside of equity. A startup can be one person with an idea or a company with hundreds of million in revenue on the cusp of an IPO. It really comes down to what you value. Companies are hiring for positions including front end, back end, mobile, devops, product, sales, marketing, and many more. Check out our post on the Hottest Tech Job Titles You Need to Know which dives deeper into each job role. Many NYC tech companies are rooted in a “hard” industry like finance, media, real estate, fashion, advertising, etc – taking industries that are already making money and making them more efficient through technology. As a result, many of them have very strong business plans, not just another “gonna be a big social media company” kind of place whose equity may go to zero. At any rate, you have a tremendous opportunity to find your niche and be successful.

Advantages of Working With a Tech Recruiter in New York 

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Looking for a new job is super hectic. At a minimum, you’re dealing with multiple platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, AngelList, and more (see our article about the Top 5 Resources for Finding a Job in Tech). Looking for a job, is a full-time job! The beauty of working with the right tech recruiter in New York City is that we are always keeping a pulse on the local job market.


  • We know and are familiar with the opportunities available for someone with your skill set
  • We will send you additional opportunities tailored to your background and interests (no spam) as they come across our desk
  • We leverage an established and trusted relationship with HR and hiring managers within top companies eager to hire. This ensures eyeballs on your resume and helps prevent “black hole” syndrome.
  • We follow up with the hiring manager on your behalf on an ongoing basis
  • We know what parts of your experience to highlight to the hiring manager so you stand out from the competition, helping you shine.
  • You have someone on your side that has a vested interest in your job search

Do your Research on the Tech Recruiting Firm

Professional recruiters, like the ones we work with at NIAH Recruiting, will approach you initially by email, and will then schedule a phone call with you. If a new recruiter contacts you, do some background checking. You can tell pretty quickly with a minimum of research on Google and LinkedIn whether this person, and their firm, has a solid reputation. Also, ask around to your network and see if anyone has experience working with the recruiter or the firm. It’s a small world here in the NYC tech community so you’ll be surprised to see how few degrees of separation are between each person in the ecosystem.

Things to look for in an agency or recruiter:

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  • Positive reviews on their website with case study examples. Check out a few on our site here.
  • Amazing networking skills and an genuine interest in people
  • Great marketing and influencing skills
  • Ability to personalize and elevate uniqueness
  • Number of years in the recruiting industry
  • Average success rate
  • Responsiveness (We have a strict “no ghosting” policy)

Questions to ask to determine if they are a good fit for your specific goals:

  • Why type of companies do you work with?
  • How many candidates have you placed this year?
  • What’s your process?
  • What’s your core industry? If they rarely get PM openings and you’re a PM, they aren’t going to be very helpful. If they work with just finance companies and you want a startup, not helpful, either.

Finding the Right Tech Recruiter in New York City is All About Trust

Talk to several recruiters and find the one you “click” with. Your want a recruiter who truly understands your goals, and works with companies in the right industry, of the right size, with the kinds of roles that fit your background. Some recruiters can talk a big game – avoid the ones who over promise and under delivery.

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No matter what, you should conduct your own investigation on what your skills and experience are worth. Check out online job boards and sites like, and Recruiters should be telling you approximately the same thing.

Of course, any relationship is a two-way street and, once you’ve got the right tech recruiter in New York City, there are two big things to make it easier for them to match you with the right job opening.

  1. Update your resume: Make sure it’s concise (no more than two pages), outlines your experience in a compelling way, clearly outlines your technical and non-technical responsibilities in each role, and matches up with what employers can find on social media.
  2. Keep your recruiter posted on your DIY job search. There’s nothing worse than talking you up to a company, scheduling interviews and then discovering you accepted a job with another firm.
    New York is one of the hottest tech markets in the world and companies are hiring at a rapid pace. Make sure you land the best job for you!

We’re here to help and are happy to chat with you about where you want to go and learn more about your goals. Drop us an email or give us a call.