NIAH Recruiting is a boutique recruiting firm that specializes in sourcing and procuring the best technical and executive talent for startup to mid-sized tech companies. Our secret sauce is the white glove service we provide. We have placed candidates from entry level to executive, at companies ranging from 4 to 1300 people, in sectors ranging from mobile games to hedge funds. Founded in New York, we have spread our reach to five other states and are open to working with companies in various locales.

What we do for companies:

Before we even speak with your company, we do our research upfront, and put together our own report detailing your company's history, services, key employees, advisors, and funding. We cross reference your open postings with your current staff's profiles to get a sense for an ideal profile for the new opening. Of course, in the initial conversation we want to confirm our understanding to make sure we are pitching your company in the strongest manner possible. Next, we help walk you through a diagnostic of your internal and external recruiting processes, to help define metrics that indicate recruiting success, and to best position NIAH to hit those.

We see it as our job to sort the wheat from the chaff. We are not a volume firm, throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. We will only send along a candidate if we feel that they not only fit the requirements for the role, but that they would excel in your company. If we ever fall short of this, we request blunt feedback in order to course adjust. Our goal after a few adjustments is that the bulk of resumes we are sending are at least interesting enough to warrant a first step.

What we do for candidates:

When speaking with candidates, our recruiters take on a consultative role, listening carefully to you to understand their background and career goals before presenting a personalized set of opportunities. We will only present you to opportunities on which you've given us explicit permission to move forward. We are your advocate throughout the process, touching base with the client at least twice a week, and keeping you abreast of updates within 24 hours (usually less!) of us finding out. Your recruiter will be there for you as much as you need throughout the process, helping resolve your questions and concerns, and either counseling you on or performing the salary negotiation on your behalf. All we ask from you is the same: to get back to us promptly with your updates, and to be straightforward with us if at any stage the opportunity no longer feels like the right fit. We respect everyone's time: yours, ours, and the client's, and would never pressure you to continue with a process unless you could see yourself accepting the opportunity.

Our street cred:

Tatiana, NIAH’s founder, has been in tech for 15 years, and recruiting for 12 years. She graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Math and Astrophysics, then worked as a Software Developer in Test at Microsoft for three years before transitioning to the college recruiting team at Microsoft. She left to pursue her MBA at Babson College. She then worked at two staffing agencies before taking on solo Technical Recruiter roles at AppNexus and Etsy in their early stages. Her experience building recruiting departments from scratch, as well as her love of startups, drove her to found NIAH in 2013.

Featured Jobs

Recent Successes:

NIAH has made multiple placements at ZocDoc and Bridgewater for roles ranging from junior developers all the way up to experienced architect at an executive salary. Our most recent placement was a CTO replacement at Hickory Training, a small YC company focused on customer service training. We've successfully placed Front End, Backend, Design, Systems Admin, Mobile, and Data Science candidates on stacks ranging from open source to .NET. Other companies which have hired our candidates include Playdots (a Betaworks company), Ambulnz (a 5 person, stealth mode startup), Miner Labs (ecommerce startup), Triple Lift (adtech startup), and Avatar NY (media/consulting company). References available upon request.

Kind Words From Happy Clients

What other people thought about the service provided by NIAH

Before hiring Tatiana, we had spent 6 weeks doing our own recruiting. We had a handful of so-so candidates, but no one that we were truly excited about. After 2 1/2 weeks, Tatiana had found us an amazing candidate that we never would have been able to find on our own. The best part about Tatiana is that she does a fantastic job at screening possible hires.


Tatiana and her team did a great job of staffing, organizing and laying out HR policies for the organization. She is very driven and that quality produces direct results in her work. She was able to facilitate the recruitment drive that enable technology organization to be staffed extremely quickly with great engineers. Tatiana is a great asset for any organization.


Tatiana is extremely bright, a great team player, and so much fun to work with. She truly cares about her clients and candidates, advises them in a thoughtful way, sharing her experiences and insights, and taking a consultative approach. Tatiana has all the qualities I look for in a teammate and partner, and I could not be happier to recommend her to all of my clients and candidates.


Tatiana has a clear passion for people and creating an enjoyable work environment. She didn’t just staff a team for the sake of filling seats, but she understands the need to staff the right people for the right seats. In doing so, our technology team has seen little turnover and has accomplished a great deal in a short period of time. She has got my recommendation.


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