Needle In A Haystack.

With in-house experience at the likes of Microsoft, AppNexus, Etsy, Amazon, and Google, we will find top candidates for your roles.


15% of base annual salary, 1/3 down up front.


20% of base annual salary


25% of base annual salary


Now offering remote, embedded, recruiting team. Click for more info.

NIAH is the anti-agency, run by a former in-house recruiter.

We present only highly qualified candidates; no throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Meet our team of expert recruiters

Tatiana Becker

Founder. Former Microsoft coder. Early employee at AppNexus and Etsy who built out recruiting processes. Highly selective when qualifying candidates.

Adrienne Jess

Lead Recruiter. An expert at two things: Finding top DevOps talent, up to VP level, and procuring extremely hard to reach candidates.

Kim Monmonier

Lead Sourcer. 15 years of sourcing and a previous life in loss prevention has turned Kim into a numbers-driven leader.

Sharon Reid

Lead Sourcer. Passionate about presenting strong diversity candidates. A life-long learner who heads up staff training and development.

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