Needle In A Haystack.

With in-house experience at the likes of Microsoft, AppNexus, Etsy, Amazon, and Google, we will find top candidates for your roles.



25% of base annual salary


25% of base annual salary


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NIAH is the anti-agency, run by a former in-house recruiter.

We present only highly qualified candidates; no throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Meet our team of expert recruiters

Tatiana Becker

Founder. Former Microsoft coder. Early employee at AppNexus and Etsy who built out recruiting processes. Highly selective when qualifying candidates.

Tatiana, Adrienne and the NIAH team have been fantastic to work with. They’ve become an extended part of our team in bringing great talent to both B Capital and our portfolio companies. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them now and in the future.

Allen Duan, Partner, B Capital

As Paytient began to scale, Tatiana’s team was incredibly helpful find the most important part of Paytient – our people.

Bethany Davidson, People Operations Manager, Paytient

NIAH worked with us for 9 months while we were in a period of high growth, placing 8 candidates onto our team. They started their engagement with us by reviewing our processes, like who was on which round of interviews and what competencies each would evaluate. They also helped us fine tune our interview questions and evaluation sheets. Throughout the engagement, they worked with us in a fully embedded fashion, interacting with us daily on Slack regarding each open role, entering candidates into our ATS, providing feedback from their calls with the candidates, moving them through the process, and setting up each round of interviews. We believe the engagement was so successful because they partnered with us so deeply, as if Kim (our account manager) was our own internal recruiter.

Yonatan Raz-Fridman, CEO & Founder, Supersocial Inc.

We’ve been working with NIAH on and off for over three years now, engaging them whenever we have more hiring than we could handle internally. They’ve filled a wide breadth of roles, including Project Manager, Loan Processing Associate, Product Manager, and Product Designer. We appreciate that they’ve been so willing to spin engagements up and down as needed, and that they can work on technical and and non-technical roles equally well, even ones they’ve never worked on before.

We’ve worked with them on a couple different models, both hourly and contingent. Even when they were contingent, they worked super closely with us, sending us weekly reports, always being available to chat, and always seeking feedback. It resulted in them sending mostly relevant candidates, which is appreciated given how busy we are.

Nora Apsel, Co-Founder & CEO, Morty

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