by Adolfo Ramirez

Databases of the best candidates

Recruitment Agencies have huge databases of candidates for each role in the industries they specialize. Many of these candidates are ones with whom they’ve cultivated relationships over time. Once they have a new role in their hands, they can reach out to those top candidates they interacted with in the past and offer them new roles. This reduces the time you need to spend to get a new candidate on board.

Speed up the process

By handing over your search to a Recruitment Agency, your team can focus on other important things. Once NIAH Recruiting has a new role from a client, we dedicate an entire pod to the search. That includes an account manager, recruiter, and sourcers. First, the pod checks the database for matches for the role. In tandem, the sourcers seek for new, greenfield candidates online, places like LinkedIn and select job boards. The account manager builds a reach-out campaign, then reaches out to those top candidates to get them scheduled with the recruiter on the team for a 30 minute call to see if they seem like a good fit for the role. The account manager then goes over the recruiter’s notes, and will present them to you only if they seem like a strong fit.

Better ROI 

Using the right recruitment agency for your hiring needs pays for itself. Using Job Boards results in your team having to waste a lot of time sorting the wheat from the chaff. Even the best of the bunch of applicants may still not hit your hiring bar. Lowering your hiring bar could hurt your team’s morale and productivity, and leaving the role open for longer could result in the company losing money as features get pushed back. You may also waste your time with tire kickers, or candidates who are just looking for offers to use them to get a counter offer from their current employer. A good agency knows how to sniff out such candidates, and will not send them your way.  By driving down the time-to-hire, and improving the quality of your candidates, the Recruitment Agency saves you time, and brings you candidates that will truly drive your innovation forward.

Improved diversity and inclusion

Recruitment agencies can also help companies diversify their candidate pool and improve their overall diversity and inclusion efforts. Good agencies cultivate relationships with candidates from diverse backgrounds and are able to draw their attention to your open role. Diversity can never be an afterthought, as the larger a company gets, the harder it is to bring in diverse candidates if diversity is already lacking.


Overall, using a recruitment agency can provide a range of benefits for companies looking to fill open positions. From access to a wider pool of candidates to time and cost savings, recruitment agencies can be a valuable resource for companies looking to hire top talent.